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The installation can be used by three users simultaneously. Each one interacts by choosing a style on the interface.

When you click, all the connections are shown - where the style comes from and which had been influenced by it - furthermore the music plays and a representative text information is displayed. The visual feedback is given in real time, according to the user's choice. The music rhythm serves as a visualization parameter of the style's icon, creating multiple sonorous visualizations.

The interaction is made with wiimote controls, wireless equipment which are easy to use and learn. The audible feedback is given through headphones, also by using wireless technology.


The installation was developed in “Processing”, an open source language to create interactive atmospheres. The system searches for information of an external source (XML) and then draws the conceptual map, which is the base of the interface.

On this map, each chosen knot generates a visual feedback to its "parents" and "child" knots. This demonstrates where the style has its origins and which further styles were influenced from the first. The user can be connected visually, creating several readings of the map.

According to the available space of the installation, the sound atmosphere can be structured in three ways:

Each user listens individually to the chosen music trough headphones (wireless or conventional) and sees information about the style (section NOW PLAYING).

Sound tube
The use of three sound tubes distributed in a space makes the installation become more collective, giving several people the possibility to listen to the audio of the selected style.

Sound islands
To open the experience to wider atmospheres, three sound islands can be used. The correct positioning of the boxes minimizes audio leaks to other sound islands.


- 2 projectors 1024x768px
- 3 wiimotes
- 2 sensor bars (Wii's sensor)
- 3 wireless headphones, 3 portable sound systems or 3 sound tubes
- 3 USB External Audio Sound Card Adapter
- 1 computer

    .Core 2 quad
    . 4Gb RAM
    . Video Card GF 7200GS 256/512MB (or superior with analog and digital video output)
    . 4 USB ports
    . keyboard and mouse
    . Win XP SP2.